Marist-Family-L-Si-11-01-20 Cristina smsm, Anne sm, Ben sm, Ángel fms

This Year, 2020, is the 5th Anniversary of 'Laudato Si' and the 50th Anniversary of 'Earth Day'.

On 11th January members of our Marist General Councils - Cristina Giustozzi smsm,  Anne McCabe sm, Ben McKenna sm, and  Ángel García fms,  met together to reflect on: 1. What are our General Chapters calling us to do? 2. What is happening in our Branch of the Society?  3. What Resources are we using?  and 4. How can we support each other and work together?    

What are our General Chapters Calling us to do?
Each member shared on their work and commitment to 'Laudato Si' within their branch of the Society of Mary.

-The SMSM's are working on "Care for our Common Home" in their schools, medical institutes, and communities.

-The SM Sisters are members of UNANIMA which has a voice on the UN. Anne McCabe has produced a book for use in Primary Schools. A pdf copy of this book is available on request.

-The FMS have a voice in the UN at Geneva.Ecology is part of the portfolio of Solidarity.

-The SM Frs & Brs have a Commission for Ecology and a JPIC blog:


- The Vatican Dicastery for the promoting Integral Human Development delivered a pertinent message last year:   and one for this year is imminent. A documentary film is to be produced; also special Stations of the Cross; and a special Holy Thursday washing of the feet.

-The Season of Creation, 01 September – 04 October, will have resources, prayerful and practical for this year.

-There is a 'Laudato Si' Mass monthly in Rome, to celebrate the ongoing mission.

-The Global Catholic Climate Movement -  - have resources for Schools, Parishes, and Catholic Institutions. They also train Animators for implementing Laudato Si:

-SEDOS, Rome,   have the Theme: "Ecology and Mission" for this year's workshop: 04-08 May: to be held in Nemi.  A Marist from the Pacific will be making a presentation.

-The Marist Family, in Australia, have produced a leaflet "Caring for our Planet". Available on request.

-The Marists in NZ are producing a 'Sustainability Covenant', and a Kit by which this can be lived. Peter Healy sm is responsible. This should be available in due course.

- Carbon Audit and offset: Donato Kivi sm, Fiji is working on this, in this transition time of moving away from fossil fuels. 

- JPIC Roma - – have many resources available for a wide range of application.

Other matters mentioned were: Composting, Re-cycling, De-cluttering [a 6 week plan], Vegetarian meals, and 'Green Flag Schools'

We also propose  that on the three occasions that the Marist Family come together: 28 April – Peter Chanel; 06 June – Marcellin Champagnat;1 2th September – Holy Name of Mary: we could explore, apply and develop an "Ecological Dimension" for these Feasts this year, 2020.