F138-harrowing-hades-resurrection-jesus-christ-pascha-legacy-icons__11805.1499801977 Alpha & Omega - New heavens and new earth

"Deep is calling on deep" - these words from Ps 42:7 help us appreciate the Paschal Mystery at the heart of the unfolding universe.  Science informs us of Deep Time, and Deep Space. Faith informs us of God at work in the ultimate, and deepest ways, in these created mysteries. 'Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, all time belongs to him, and all the ages. By his wounds  we have been healed" - These words from the Easter Vigil invite us to celebrate the Deep Presence of the Word from Beginning to End, and to live in and through the Presence of Christ Risen, as daily we make our humble contribution in brining about a new creation.

Thursday: Deep Hospitality tenderly serves the needs of  our  deepest  hungers for intimacy. 

  Friday: Deep Solidarity accompanies all human and created suffering and death;

Saturday: Deep Descent harrows hell and restores the lost; 

Sunday: Deep Resurrection conquers death, and calls forth a New Heaven and a New Earth;

Every day: Deep commitment calls on us to humbly play our part, in and with the Risen One.